Sales Team Management

Hire and manage the best salespeople

Look for the right things in a salesperson and use the interviewing time to the maximum. Set up sales plans and bonuses that are viable for your business and motivational for your sales team. Learn how to manage your sales team, review their work, and how to identify sources of struggling. Grow them to grow your business.

Team Modus Operandi

Create sales rules for your sales team. Learn how to define the ideal structure of your team and the roles and responsibilities within it. Start focusing on sales reviews; why a how often you should have them and what to discuss. Learn to track the conversion rates and how to act in situations when they’re low.

- Sales rules
- Team structure
- Sales reviews

Sales Hiring

Get the best salespeople. Test and evaluate candidates on their sales skills. Learn how to uncover their sales potential when they lack the experience. Identify red flags that might disrupt your sales results or even your sales team environment.

- Sales hiring
- Assessment centers
- Ideal salesperson’s profile

Rewarding and Motivation

Set up a sales plan and bonus structure so that your business remains viable and sales team motivated. Find out how to design action steps and performance indicators for your team. Control and evaluate your sales team’s progress on regular basis and learn how to help them when they are struggling.

- Sales plans set up
- Action steps for your sales team
- Bonus structure set up
- Performance indicators

Learn how to manage your sales team

Learn how to manage

your sales team