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Partner Sales Management

Work with those who grow your business

Define who you want to be represented by on the market. Manage a motivate your partners effectively to close more deals.

Partner identification and acquisition

Define the best partner for you. Base cooperation on their expertise and focus; take full advantage of their already existing customer base. Approach partners with a convincing value proposition and finally identify those who will sell your solution.

- Partner identification
- Partner acquisition
- Value proposition for partners

Partner Program Setup

Help your partner with kickoff. Create an educational program: give them product and sales training, access to your knowhow library and necessary certifications. Provide your partners with everything that helps them sell and represent you on the market. Move your partners within tiers (platinum, gold, silver, etc. partners) according to their results. Set up a motivational reward system. 

- Partner sales kickoff
- Educational program for your partners
- Partner classification
- Partner reward system setup

Partner Modus Operandi & Management

Work with your partners daily. Support your partners, include them in your deals, and be included in theirs. Set up discount policies. Define competition rules among your partners to make sure they stay motivated to work with your solution.

- Partner support and cooperation
- Discount policies
- Competition rules among partners

Manage and motivate your partners
Manage and motivate
your partners