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Tailor Made Recruitment

Talent Acquisition is a mix of psychology, sales and brand ambassador, hence not everyone can do it well!
We can and we love it!

We are not a Recruitment Agency. We are TA Business Partner.

With us, you will not receive tons of poorly qualified CVs for your role. We will want to get to know our client, what makes the company and the team kick the ground running, what personality do you need in the new Hire, on top of the hard skills.

We will try to get as many details about your products, about the services that you are promoting on the market. And this is because we will act as your Brand Ambassador on the candidates’ market and we want to do so, in an impeccable and professional manner!


Internal talent acquisition services

Sales professionals hiring



audit of your recruitment function


talent acquisition academy (train your recruiter)

Why to work with us


Your voice on the candidates’ market, growing the awareness, helping you consolidate your image or promote it.

B2B Sales & marketing is our expertise

We know sales, we breath sales, we dream of sales, so if you want to recruit for Sales professionals, there is no better solution than SALESDOCk.

Same goes for marketing experts.

Hunting is in our blood!

We do not post and pray! We go out there, select our well defined pool and start reaching out directly. Long gone are the times when there was a line of amazing candidates waiting in front of the door, to be hired.

Zero disturbance of your internal processes

We are here to help, not to complicate things, so we will adopt your way or work, for things to be easier. If you want us to advise, we can also do that.

Perfect match

We support you until you find your best fit for the role, we like picky managers and difficult roles to fill, because that means that our candidates will be in good hands, career wise.

We are SHL Certified

Each Talent Acquisition Specialist from our team is SHL certified, being trained in the most modern best practices in recruitment and interviewing techniques, globally recognized.

How does it work?

Setting expectations


We get to know you, your needs, your culture and requirements for the position so we find the best talent for your team.

Search kick-off


Direct hunting and delivering fitting candidates’ profiles, while acting as Brand Ambassadors

recruitment Interview


The candidates are delivered with a full report, touching all needed aspects, for you to take a decision.

Your selection process


You meet the candidates in person/online to evaluate the mutual fit, go through Business Case, meeting the team etc.



Congratulations! You just found your new team member!


Your trusted business partner
Jakub Founder & CEO

Why do I like my job in SALESDOCK?

Talent Acquisition is my passion and part of who I am, hence work is fun!I enjoy getting to know so many different companies that we help with attracting top talent for their teams, while interacting with brilliant stakeholders.I am proud to consider my work being meaningful, as I help candidates with finding the right roles for them, while supporting different businesses with bringing the right talent on-board, that will ensure growth and profitability.All this while managing my amazing team of top recruiters, learning from them in the process and being part of SALESDOCk, where you get smiles and support every day.

Tanner Sales Consultant

Why do I like my job in SALESDOCK?

I've always been the type of person who liked to step out of my comfort zone and learn, routine has never been my cup of tea. And what better way to escape the routine than working in an agency with a startup vibe? 😊 I can grow and develop myself more and more every day, because every day brings something new that moves me forward by leaps and bounds. A bunch of cool and skillful folks at SALESDOCk is just a cherry on top.

Candidates’ feedback:

For me personally, Elza bridged the gap that exists at the personal engagement level with candidates.

Elza was recruited to act as executive head hunter and recruiter for Gjirafa’s global head of sales and marketing. As a pivotal role for the growth of the business, recruitment requires detailed knowledge of the business and the ability to work with executives in the business as well as engage with executive level candidates. Elza went above and beyond to find the right candidate through candidate search, screening, interviewing and taking references. The particular role require confidential handling due to the nature of the technology ecosystem as well as how to navigate the placement in a region that Gjirafa business has no current office. Elza managed this, including identifying local resources to help Gjirafa with their expansion to great success. For me personally, Elza bridged the gap that exists at the personal engagement level with candidates. She really reflected my belief that we work with individuals and not just a candidate. This depth of relationship helps identify the culture and attitude fit alongside the long term match for success with business and individual. I highly recommend Elza for future executive placements and also building and retaining a great relationship with candidates.

Andrew Read
EVP Sales & Marketing, Gjirafa Inc

A SALESDOCk headhunter (Zuzana) reached out to me in December. For several reasons her message stood out : it was linked to my profile and experience, it wasn’t worded in a way I felt I was reading an ad, and felt actually customized.

Thanks to Zuzana’s guidance and tips, I managed to go through the hiring process at Broadcom to get an Account Director position in the software department. I feel Zuzana was part of the reasons why firstly I got interested in the job offer and secondly as to why the process went so smoothly.

Eli Reder
Account Director for France, Broadcom

My cooperation with Elza was nice and smooth. She provided me with all the essential information for the role. I'm now happily working as a Managing Director for Lafluence Agency.

Martin Kyncl
Managing Director, Lafluence

I had an amazing experience with Elza recently. Elza reached out to me with a potential job offer. The whole interaction with Elza was hassle free, positive and honest. She took the time to understand my career goals and skill set, and effectively matched me with the company and gave me the chance to land a role that I was really looking for.

The communication was excellent, Elza kept me informed throughout the entire process and provided valuable guidance. The outcome was fantastic, I landed my dream job and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this Elza to anyone looking for their next career opportunity.

Sandro Lourenco
Head of Business Development, Biano

"Do you know any decent headhunters?" I asked my friend while searching for a job. "I know better than that", was the reply. So he hooked me up with Elza. Little did I know my problem was solved since that moment. Elza found a convenient time slot for both of us within days. I was briefed about the possibilities, with several recommendations. 40 minutes well spent.

Two days later I have my first interview. Two weeks after that, a cooperation proposal which I accepted. The whole process was super swift and professional. With the right touch of personal advice I didn't see anywhere else.

Petr Švec
Business Development Manager, COGVIO
Start the career you'll love in sales!
Start the career you'll love
in sales!