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We build sales departments that deliver results

SALESDOCk is a full service, B2B sales agency with focus on building and boosting sales departments for tech companies.

Trusted by large tech companies, scaleups, startups and agencies.


How we can help you deliver results
Prospecting Academy

The training sessions cover a broad scope, ranging from cold calling techniques to objection handling and modern storytelling frameworks. Designed to boost performance and fill your AEs' calendars, this all-in-one solution readies your sales team to go hunting. It is our most requested training.

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Go-to-Market Academy

Our Go-to-Market Academy training sessions cover the Product Positioning, Ideal Customer Profile, Customer Segments, Personas, and Messaging Frameworks. These proven frameworks will position your sales team to acquire target customers that not only convert fast, but remain loyal, paying customers.

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Sales Process Academy

We clearly define the actions and milestones you and your customer need to take to guide the buyer successfully throughout the sales process. Together with your team, we integrate the sales process into your CRM and facilitate the organizational change necessary for the entire sales team to use the process on a daily basis.

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Value-Based Selling Academy

Discover customer needs and their causes, work with urgency, analyze decision-making criteria, build your champions, and sell to economic buyers. We will equip your sales team with methodologies and techniques they can use on a daily basis.

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How we deliver

01. Discovery

Kick-off SDK onboarding

02. Workshop

Sales process Differentiated value & Initial trainings MEDDPICC Discovery

03. Integrate

Internal adaptation of the know how

04. Change

Coaching Leaders Pipeline reviews


400+ clients on their way to close more deals
“SALESDOCk put a lot of effort to really understand our business and our products. As a result, we didn't get general manual or high-level advice, but highly tailored and practical guidance that we could immediately and effectively use in our sales process.”
Petr P.
CEO & Founder
“Professionally experienced team with the ability to deliver all necessary tools as training, methodology and sales processes for sales teams in fast-growing companies.”
Pavol C.
“No bullshits! But a high level of knowledge and many best practies! SALESDOCk demonstrated impressive proactivity and flexibility by answering our ad-hoc questions and agreeing on a solution that fit our budget and schedule. Their personalized approach led to a bespoke solution that addressed our main pain points.”
Lukas G.
Small-Business, Real Estate
“SALESDOCk provided exceptional consulting for complex sales strategies. I was very impressed with their insights into managing enterprise deals and their proven methods for effective sales team leadership.”
Viktor N.
Director at TEAS
“New hot leads, guaranteed. Their friendly and professional approach made them feel like internal employees, truly part of the team.”
Verified G2 User
Mid-Market, Computer & Network Security
“Best sales training ever! The training from SALESDOCk was comprehensive, structured, and complex. It took place at very early stage of building our sales department and helped us to build a sales process. The training also helped us to gain knowledge of powerful sales techniques but what is even more important, it taught us how to actually use those techniques in the field.”
Ladislav D.
Head of Sales
“Hired and trained B2B SaaS Salesmen for the US market with impressive speed.They conducted thorough analyses, suggested the best solutions, and everything worked as planned. Well done!”
Michal A.
“Sales Experts ready to increase your revenue instantly using practical tools and methods, very useful. If you build or manage a sales team, want to be effective and have sales activities under control, go for it!”
Petr E.
Head of Sales


Learn how to play the sales game from the ones who already successfully played it.
Our playbooks have been tested on more than 400 B2B sales teams.
All our consultants were all in the role of Head of Sales/CRO/VP in SaaS organizations.
We work with experts for dedicated topics (outbound sales, enterprise sales, building champions, sales process etc).
We deliver a full-service experience (consulting, training, recruitment, tools implementation).