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Identify your ideal customers and value proposition

You managed to sell your product to a few customers, but you still don’t really know the market, your ideal customer’s profile, and value proposition, so your sales are stuck? Team up with us. We deliver opportunities by prospecting the market. Collected feedback helps us determine what customers want.

What you get

We prospect selected industries and generate opportunities for you to pursue. We control and help close generated opportunities to make sure that nothing slips through your fingers during our cooperation. We gauge public interest and constantly bring feedback from the market so you finally get the ideal customers’ profiles with a suitable value proposition and can shape your product, pricing, and business model accordingly.

How it works

Brief stage
We get to know your product, industry, competitors, customers, and those who didn’t buy your product. Together we define several potential target groups and respective value propositions.
Setup stage
We design a sales process as a roadmap showing you how to get from A to B. We create a database of potential clients and salesdeck, i.e., call scripts and email templates.
Execution stage
We systematically reach out to leads in the database and plan meetings. You join the meetings to demonstrate the product and industry know-how. In the course of our cooperation, we control all ongoing deals.
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Identify your ideal customers

Identify your ideal