Sales Tech & Analytics

Access quality data and reach maximum tools automation

We exploit and set your CRM’s features and connect it with other solutions and webs. We teach you how to collect, analyze, categorize, clean, and enrich data for your CRM to accelerate your sales.

1. What you get

You get a complete solution to managing your sales technologies. Finally, have a fully functioning CRM, an automated and organized workflow, and a clean client database. We make your tools communicate to save you time spent on manual administration.

2. How it works

We start by auditing how your work and what tools you use. Then we identify pain points - activities that can be automated, and suggest additional tools that help the automation and your work in general.
New structure setup
Together we choose the right software stack (CRM, mailing tools, ticketing system, invoicing, web scrapers, etc.) for your business, set it all up.
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Sales Audit
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Get a complete solution to managing your sales technologies