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Process & Tools

Measure, predict and plan your sales

Set up a sales process that navigates your sales team in closing deals. Make the best of using CRM and automation tools to move your opportunities to the finishing line quicker.

Metrics and Plans

Identify which sales metrics you should pay attention to and what the industry benchmarks are. Track your prospecting activities and sales process sections, such as opportunities stages and average deal length and cash. Measure your pipeline expected value and predict your sales results.

- Sales metrics
- Expected value and cash measuring techniques
- Sales results prediction 

Sales Process

Set up clear stages and mandatory steps to help your team navigate in closing businesses. Analyze your current sales process, fix problematic parts, and formalize it. Have everyone understand where they stand with customers in their pipeline.

- Sales process stages
- Unity in organization
- Predictable pipeline

Sales Tech - CRM & Tools

Set up your CRM to boost your sales team productivity. Have your team manage and track ongoing deals in one place. Explore reporting options to have a complete overlook of activities done. Link your CRM to other tools you use. Implement additional solutions to simplify and automate your team’s work.

- CRM set up
- Work automation
- Overlook of activities

Sales analytics

Make strategic decisions based on data. Get a data visualization tool, store and read your data in one place, and create live dashboards that help with operations, results evaluation, and daily planning. Track metrics, such as sales team performance, conversion rates, and margin plan fulfillment.

- Data visualization tools
- Data-based sales decision
- Metrics
- Read in your data, the team reads in data

Technologies we resell & implement

For best results, we are bringing together proven sales know-how that delivers results with technical excellence in advanced SALES technologies implementation.
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Make the best of using CRM and automation tools
Make the best of using CRM
and automation tools