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Get a complex sales education program for you or your sales team

We designed a sales education and consultation training program for sales teams, their leaders, or even founders. Whether you’re struggling with managing and planning sales, setting up sales methodology, monthly and quarterly turnover prediction, or closing opportunities, we can help. The program focuses on mastering all necessary activities around and between opening and closing deals.

What you get

Finally, connect the dots and successfully manage and plan your sales. SALESDOCk Academy gives your sales team structure and improves its sales know-how and results. Results coming from the newly gained work effectivity and focus are shorter sales cycles, larger deals, and bigger conversion rates.

How it works

Brief stage
Do you really know why your deals won’t work out? We get to know your product, industry, customers, and competitors. We dig into your current sales methodology, activities, and both successful and lost sales historically. We test your team on their sales skills.
Setup stage
Knowing your business, we design a sales process as a roadmap showing you how to get from A to B. Think of it as a set of mandatory steps to closing business. Your CRM is adjusted to your workflow and the sales process. We introduce new sales rules to your team and deliver training. Finally, together we set up cooperation goals and plan action steps that will make us reach them.
Training stage
A hand on stage where we introduce new sales rules and methodology in the team and train them according to your needs in various topics (C-Level Sales, Value-Based Selling, Objection Handling, Prospecting, Closing, Pitch, …) All is checked on weekly status meetings where we discuss opportunities, shadow business meetings and observe how you do on your way to reaching your business goals.
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Finally connect the dots and successfully manage and plan your sales
Connect the dots and successfully
manage and plan your sales