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SaaS Sales Leaders Summit

Top SaaS leaders come together to share their know-how. Come to get inspired and steal couple of pages from their sales playbook.

Free Event
November 15, 2023
15:00 Amsterdam Oost
SaaS Sales Leaders Summit


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What’s it about?

It’s simple: we’re bringing the SaaS community together for one impactful day.

At the SaaS Sales Leaders Summit, b2b industry leaders come together to share their know-how. And by that we mean professionals who have hands-on experience in building and scaling sales teams and products.

Whether you’re a founder or a senior sales executive, this summit is a chance to connect with peers, learn from experts, and, most importantly, steal some pages from sales leaders' playbooks.

Who are the speakers?

  • Stephen Jenkins - Head of Growth & Commercial Sales at Miro

When Stephen took over the EMEA region at Miro, sales were 100% driven by product-led growth. After just 2 years, he grew sales from 3 million to 35(!) million EUR 💶.  And 60% percent of all sales are now outbound-driven.

  • Marc Peston - Head of Field Sales at Qualtric

Through the implementation of a repeatable and consistent sales operating rhythm,  Marc was able to achieve predictable annual quota attainment (110% on average) in his team.

  • Jakub Hon - CEO at SALESDOCk

With more than 10 years of experience in sales, Jakub helps tech B2B companies to scale their sales by redesigning their sales processes into working sales machines 📈.

Why should I attend?

  • Stellar speakers who can back up their know-how with real use cases. In other words, they don't talk the sales talk. They walk the walk
  • Actionable insights and zero BS
  • Great atmosphere, food, and drinks
  • The Perfect way to spend your Wednesday :)

Mark your calendars and secure your spot at the SaaS Sales Leaders Summit today!

Psst, there are only 50 spots available so don't miss it :)

*Please note that final admission of the attendees is at the dissertation of the organiser

Who are the speakers?

Marc Peston

Marc Peston

Head of Field Sales @ Qualtrics

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Stephen Jenkins

Stephen Jenkins

Head of Growth & Commercial Sales @ Miro

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Jakub Hon

Jakub Hon


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Jakub Hon is the co-founder of SALESDOCk, and currently its CEO. For years, he’s been in the leader and consultant role while maintaining a hands-on approach to sales. Jakub worked with more than 100 SaaS organizations to set up their sales. His clients include UberEats, Kentico, Y Soft, or Yieldigo. Jakub is extremely passionate about setting up sales processes and implementing sales methodologies to scale sales of B2B SaaS businesses. While keeping busy with SALESDOCk, he co-founded and worked as a Head of Sales for YSOFT Clerbo. Jakub helps organizations escape sales mediocrity and enjoys making the audience understand that sales can be a great job when done right.


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