Sales Audit

Move your sales department forward

Stuck? Let us evaluate your business thoroughly. We identify where and why your deals get stuck in your sales process, fix your process, and design a new way of reaching scalability.

1. What you get

We find bottlenecks and space for improvement in your sales department. We check your CRM, tools, and reporting to make sure your sales team functions with enough resources and quality leads to close businesses. Last, we focus on people - do you have enough capacities and energy in your team?

2. How it works

Brief & Analysis
We get to know your product, customers, and those who didn’t buy your product. We analyze your business results, activities, and conversion rates. Within the sales team, we observe your competency model, skills and performance, motivation, sales plans, daily activities, and the way you manage the members.
Hands on
To get a full understanding, we shadow your business calls and go on meetings with you. The outcome of our cooperation is a full observation report and improvement suggestions.
Following Service
Interim Management & Consulting
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Design a new way of reaching scalability