Our Expertise



Get to the right people

Explore prospecting possibilities. Boost your product sales by employing the right techniques. Create a relevant lead list, understand what the best ways for contacting your leads are, and how to get the best out of them. Get rid of repetitive manual actions. Embrace automation.

Lead Lists
Business Calling
Social Selling


Turn opportunities into business

Structuralize your sales department. Achieve the highest scalability of your organization. Listen, understand, know and manage your customers. Lead your customers through the buying journey. Reach maximum effectivity by using the best methods and tools. 

Buying Process & Customer Management
Pipeline Management
Sales Soft Skills
Sales Methodology



Sales Team Management

Hire and manage the best sales people

Look for the right things in a salesperson and use the interviewing time to maximum. Set up sales plans and bonuses that are viable for your business and motivational for your sales team. Learn how to manage your sales team, review their work and how to identify sources of struggling. Grow them to grow your business.

Team Modus Operandi
Sales Hiring
Rewarding and Motivation

Process & Tools

Measure, predict and plan your sales

Set up a sales process that navigates your sales team in closing deals. Make the best of using CRM and automation tools to move your opportunities to the finishing line quicker.

Sales Process

Sales Tech - CRM & Tools
Metrics and Plans
Sales Analytics



Partner Sales Management

Work with those who grow your business

Define who you want to be represented by on the market. Manage a motivate your partners effectively to close more deals.

Partner identification and acquisition
Partner Program Setup
Partner Modus Operandi & Management