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By Partnering with SALESDOCk IDEA StatiCa Increased Average Deal Value by 41.8%

Back in our first discussions, IDEA StatiCa was doing well with their sales. A team of 2 internal sales representatives, who managed to close a sufficient number of deals, served the selected markets. The deals, however, had the potential to be bigger and closed faster, therefore IDEA StatiCa decided to team up with SALESDOCk. After receiving “Sales Academy” - a series of training and workshops from SALESDOCk, IDEA StatiCa reached 40% turnover growth.

About IDEA StatiCa:

IDEA StatiCa in the past several years has experienced significant growth: 

  • in 2019, Deloitte listed it in its “EMEA Fast 500” chart
  • at the same time, it was the 7th fastest growing company in its market

IDEA StatiCa develops software for structural and production engineers, consultants, and other professionals analyzing and dimensioning constructions. Thanks to their top-notch software, they can optimally and safely design and check constructions. 

About the Product:

The IDEA StatiCa development team analyzes, tests, and applies new methods of structural constructions analysis. On this basis, IDEA StatiCa defined and certified their methodology and process in designing connection designs in structural engineering. The software shows production engineers how typical and also atypical designs should be dimensioned to, for example, hold a roof. 

The primary added value is the atypical, complex connection designs, where the software enables structural engineers to work faster and with the optimal material amount. By using the software, a complex design can be done many times faster and be visually understandable. Therefore, the final product is not only cheaper for clients but also more profitable for companies. In the field of atypical connection designs, the IDEA StatiCa software has zero competition. 

IDEA StatiCa before SALESDOCk:

IDEA StatiCa’s partners serve around 90% of the global market. That doesn’t apply to the local market where they have 2 internal sales representatives.

The conclusions of the initial brief with the sales team, where SALESDOCk thoroughly analyzed the way IDEA StatiCa sells, were that:

1) the sales representatives included primarily user-buyer on the side of potential clients; they would not include all the stakeholders

2) quite often, the sales team would give considerable discounts

For these very reasons, the sale cycle took longer than necessary, with a less profitable outcome. 

The Goal of the Project:

As it’s the partners who close the most deals, the primary goals focused on them. Specifically, the goals were:

  • making the sales process more efficient
  • increasing sales

It turned out that for IDEA StatiCa to manage, educate, and lead their partners by example, first, the internal sales team had to learn certain sales practices themselves. Therefore, the KPIs were set on the successful introduction and adoption of sales techniques in-house. The common goal later was the implementation of these techniques within the partners. 


We divided all our activities into 4 stages:

  1. BRIEF - Finding out the current state and practices of the IDEA StatiCa sales department
  2. SETUP - Setting up the sales process, creating the training plan
  3. DELIVERY - Delivering the sales training and workshops, mentoring the sales representatives
  4. FINISH - Final evaluation and closing of cooperation

Kick-off and the Project:

We began close cooperation with the IDEA StatiCa sales team: 

  1. we created an intensive, 3-month long sales academy program to teach the internal sales representatives to increase their control over the sales process and include all stakeholders in their meetings with potential clients.
  2. gradually, we delivered a series of training and added extra sessions for the newly introduced sales techniques practice.
  3. we routinely visited regular sales reviews. We analyzed the internal sales team’s current sales opportunities and adjusted them to the maximum pragmatic level. We set concrete next steps to be done for every opportunity, so the sales representative could win it. 
  4. we joined the IDEA StatiCa partner summit, which was 50% built on our training. We presented together with IDEA StatiCa. 

Closing and “After SALESDOCk” Result

Even though the initial goal was to boost the partner site, SALESDOCk focused primarily on the local sales team. Therefore, the final evaluation was about it, too. The results after 3 months of cooperation showed that:

By shortening the sales process and increasing the average deal value, we reached a 40% turnover increase!

  • average deal value increased by 41.8%
  • sales cycle shortened by 39.5% (from 38 to 23 days) 

SALESDOCk fulfilled the KPIs - successfully delivered and implemented new sales techniques in IDEA StatiCa. IDEA StatiCa is now more effective in their sales because the sales team:

  • excludes subjective feelings and assumptions from the sales process
  • includes C-Level in the sales process
  • focuses on a pre-set qualification criteria of the sales process - milestones (not activities) 
  • introduced a weighted opportunity pipeline into practice

We prepared materials for the partner site education that we plan to kick off again soon. 

Jana Michelová | Project Manager

Jana Michelová | Project Manager

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