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SALESDOCk expands to Benelux, welcomes Bart Omlo as a senior executive advisor

 PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — SALESDOCk today announced its expansion into the Benelux region. This will help to alleviate a critical pain point, as there is an increased demand for full-service sales consulting given the fast growth of B2B startup and scale-up tech companies in the region. The arrival of SALESDOCk will unlock immediate access for local customers to its 360-degree suite of services, including its expertise in sales consulting and sales tech stack implementation.

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To help guide this regional expansion, SALESDOCk is delighted to have Bart Omlo join its team as a senior executive advisor. Omlo brings decades of experience in international business development, sales, leadership and coaching. In his role as senior executive advisor, Omlo will be responsible for securing strategic partnerships for incubators and connecting with mass media.

During Omlo's previous tenure as Managing Director and CEO at, an award-winning modular content platform, he helped to raise $40 million in growth capital.  

“We’re excited for him to join SALESDOCk's senior executive team," said Jakub Hon, SALESDOCk's CEO. "I believe he will act as an invaluable link between our Prague headquarters and SaaS companies in the Benelux region that stand to benefit from our years of sales industry expertise and knowhow."  

"As a previous client of SALESDOCk, I was impressed by their professionalism. I believe they can bring a lot of value to the Dutch startup and scale-up market," said Bart Omlo. "Empowering startup and scale-up companies to mature their sales engines is vital for their success. I believe SALESDOCk can become the first choice in Europe for supporting these companies in their growth.”

Omlo will be based in the Netherlands. His local presence will enable companies in the Benelux region to connect seamlessly with SALESDOCk's 360 degree suite of sales solutions. Omlo will represent SALESDOCk at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam on the 15th and 16th of June, and welcomes the opportunity to engage with other representatives from local businesses.   


SALESDOCk is a full-service B2B sales agency that delivers results through its disciplined focus on sales processes and metrics. SALESDOCk empowers sales teams and their leaders to align all stages of the sales process and overcome unpredictability through interim management, talent acquisition, training and tech stack implementation. Through its hands-on approach and sales technologies expertise, SALESDOCK has helped over 150 clients to move their sales departments forward. 

Westley Overcash | Content creator at SALESDOCk

Westley Overcash | Content creator at SALESDOCk

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