Who to hire for sales in my stage of the startup?

Tuesday, November 9, 2021
6:00 - 7.30pm CET

If you're a new company, growth will inevitably raise the question of who the designated salesperson should be. And for every stage of your growth different profiles of your salespeople are needed.

Often, it will have been the founder from the beginning. After all, this person knows the product best.

However, as the company matures, the founder's focus and time could be invested better in different areas. Founders might even lack the desire and skills to manage sales duties.

If you find yourself at this stage, you might ask yourself where and how to start building a sales team.

What are the hard skills which my salespeople should have? Soft skills? Competencies?
What kind of experience they should already have?
How many salespeople should I even hire?
When and what kind of duties should I delegate to sales colleagues?


Agenda we will cover:

  1. When to hire a sales representative and what type
  2. What your sales department should look like at each stage of the company's development
  3. How to make sure you hire the best people

November 9, 2021 // 6 - 7.30pm CET

Online via Zoom (link available after registration)


Agnieszka Adamczyk

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Jakub Hon

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